• Seedtime and Harvest Wellness, LLC (SHW, LLC) is a company that provides consulting services in the design of wellness programs to facilitate participation in activities of daily living.

  • SHW, LLC provides services in individual homes and other community settings.

  • SHW, LLC specializes in providing wellness program consulting services regarding low vision issues.

Environmental Accessibility Consulting

An environmental accessibility assessment is done to provide recommendations, for a property, that would make the living environment more usable to increase an individual's participation in activities of daily living. This could be for an individual's home or for a group of individuals in a community facility. A written report will be generated.

Universal Design Consulting

The universal design concept targets making a home or community facility more universally usable for individuals of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

Universal design recommendations will be given to include features that are integrated into a home or community facility, that makes the living space more user friendly for the property dweller(s). A written report will be generated.